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The artworks featured on this website are examples of Judith’s original artistic technique called “Paintcuts”, created by tablet drawing on a computer. She is a versatile artist who works in various media including oil and acrylic paint, clay modeling, woodcarving; and etching, but considers drawing her main means of expression. Judith earned her Ph.D. in Philosophy and briefly taught philosophy at Princeton University. Using the Paintcut method, Judith is able to combine all her artistic talents to interpret profound and often comical philosophical and satirical concepts in her line drawings.

Paintcuts should be looked at as a sort of magical block print. Often the involuted line that forms both the outline and the interior details of a form is made by a single gesture of the stylus: one line, a closed loop. This lends a particular character to the technique. A slightly different genre produced images by cutting out several related shapes.

When you look at the drawings and Paintcuts, you will see that the line is the story, and that crisp black and white (making the occasional shocks of color the more telling) provide an austere aesthetic. You will also see influences by Matisse and Picasso, two masters of the line. This is both unavoidable and deliberate (may as well acknowledge what you cannot help).

The most recent exhibition of Judith’s drawings and Paintcuts was in the Frost Gallery in Purchase, in the winter of 2003-2004. She illustrated the charming book Charlie’s World, by Audrey RonningTopping (available on Amazon). She serves on the Art Gallery Committee for Westchester Community College, which handled the recent redesign of the gallery and arranges for several outside exhibitions a year shown in it.

All images offered for sale are printed in archival ink on fine, heavy, acid-free paper. Each print is numbered and signed by Judith. Each edition is severely limited. (Most shown are in editions of five.) Once a run is sold out, the image is no longer available for sale.

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